FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise Volcano Reef: Everything you need to know


In FarmVille's newest expansion, Hawaiian Paradise, you're given the challenge of collecting items to rebuild the Volcano Reef which once stood tall and proud on your island. This is a similar setup to the Polar Express train in Winter Wonderland, in that you'll need to collect increasingly large amounts of items as you continue to level up the Volcano Reef. You'll also be able to collect from the Reef daily for a chance at winning a prize.

The first level of the Volcano Reef asks you to collect just nine items: three each of Baby Fish, Stony Coral and Volcano Monitors. These can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you, or by purchasing them with Farm Cash.

As you continue to level up the Volcano Reef, you'll have a chance of receiving different items, like Lighted Tiki Torches, Rock Crab or Shrimp Bushels, and even building materials like crowbars. You'll also need to collect from the Volcano Reef (or simply continue to upgrade it) to complete some of the Hawaiian Paradise goals that Zynga will soon be bringing your way.

We'll continue to update this space as we learn the specific requirements for each level of the Volcano Reef, so keep checking back with us!

Level 1: 3 of each item
Level 2: 6 of each item

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What do you think of the Volcano Reef feature in FarmVille's Hawaiian Paradise? Are you excited to see another upgradeable building project in the game, or would you have preferred everything to have already been done before we landed here? Sound off in the comments.