FarmVille Hawaiian Paradise: Unlock Buried and Sea Treasures for new prizes


Apparently, the Snow Treasure feature in FarmVille's Winter Wonderland was pretty popular, as Zynga has included a similar feature in the game's newest farm: Hawaiian Paradise. However, since Hawaiian Paradise incorporates the water in a way never before seen in the game, this newest farm has two different types of treasures, one of which can only be found in the water.

To be clear, the two types of treasures are simply called Buried Treasures and Sea Treasures. Buried Treasures are piles of sand covered in a wooden "X" and guarded by cute crabs. These require various sizes and amounts of Crowbars to open, depending on how big the treasure itself is. That is, a small Buried Treasure requires 10 Small Crowbars to open, while a Medium Buried Treasure requires 28 Small Crowbars. A Large Buried Treasure, however, might required 50 Large Crowbars, rather than small ones.

On the other side, the Sea Treasures also come in different sizes, but they're found floating in the water, covered in seaweed. These require Fish Nets to open, with a Small or Medium Sea Treasure requiring 10 or 28 Small Fishing Nets each, respectively.

Like in Winter Wonderland, you'll receive additional Sea or Buried Treasures to unlock as you continue to expand your land, and you can see which ones you'll receive in your very next land expansion by simply checking out the outskirts of your current farm. Unfortunately, these items might get in the way of your decorating plans, until you can open them up, but just remember to keep asking your friends for help once a day and you'll soon be able to claim the prizes that await within.

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What do you think of the Buried and Sea Treasures in Hawaiian Paradise? Did you like the Snow Treasures feature in Winter Wonderland, or were those items simply too large or always in the way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!