FarmVille Aquariums: Give water animals a place to live in Hawaiian Paradise

With the release of Hawaiian Paradise in FarmVille, the wish of many farmers' has finally come true, as we've now been given a set of water-based animals that truly live in the water to purchase and master. Of course, as this is sure to become a fairly popular set of animals with the game's user-base, Zynga has already accounted for any future storage-related issues by releasing the Aquarium in the game.

Luckily for us, an Aquarium frame is waiting for us when we first arrive in Hawaiian Paradise. Sure, we'll still need to collect some building materials on our own to finish it off, but 12 have been given to us for free. For the record, a single Aquarium requires the following parts to complete (our first is simply filled with four of each automatically).

  • 12 Buoy

  • 12 Filter

  • 12 Ocean Rock

These items are earned as you might expect: either by asking your friends to send them to you, or by purchasing them outright with Farm Cash. Once it's finished, you'll be able to store animals like your new Manta Ray, which is also a free gift on your Hawaiian Paradise farm.

Other animals like a Bottlenose Dolphin, Nurse Shark and Hammerhead Shark (among others) are available to purchase in the store, either for Farm Cash or the Hawaiian Paradise currency of Coconuts. It might take you some time to earn the necessary coconuts to purchase these newest animals, but at least you'll have a place they can call home once you do!

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Are you excited about the release of water-based animals and the Aquarium in FarmVille? Will you actually use the Aquarium to store animals, or would you rather keep your new water friends out on display for a while? Sound off in the comments.