Draw My Thing goes mobile, now available on Android and iOS

Draw My Thing
has been available on Facebook for over a year now, offering players an incredibly fun version of Pictionary that can be played with friends or strangers alike. Now, the game has gone mobile in the form of "Draw Something," and is available on both the Android and iOS platforms for free.

Draw Something offers the same gameplay as Draw My Thing, allowing you to start multiple games at once, taking turns choosing from three words (with varying difficulty levels) that you can draw for your opponent. The game's asynchronous multiplayer allows your opponent to take their time in responding, and you'll simply go back and forth drawing pictures and guessing what it is the other person has drawn (using a limited selection of letter tiles as a clue).

As of this writing, there doesn't appear to be a way to play cross-platform between mobile and Facebook, but cross-platform play between iOS and Android is indeed possible. There's also an ad-free version of the game available on both platforms for a buck, if you're out to support OMGPop's efforts. These paid versions also give you a selection of extra words to draw, that wouldn't be available in the free version.

Click here to download Draw Something on Android --->

Click here to download Draw Something on iOS --->

Are you a fan of Draw My Thing on Facebook? Will you try Draw Something on mobile? What do you think of OMGPop's simple take on Pictionary? Sound off in the comments.

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