FarmVille Money Bush: Earn 208 Farm Cash in a year

Back in January, Zynga released the Money Tree in FarmVille, giving you a chance to earn double your investment of Farm Cash (260 Farm Cash) in a year's time. Now, a Money Bush has been released, offering a similar deal, but for less Farm Cash overall. The Money Bush costs 100 Farm Cash to purchase, and will allow you to collect 4 Farm Cash per week, each week, for a full year.

You'll earn 208 Farm Cash overall through this, which is actually more than double of your initial investment, if you're willing to wait around the full year to claim it all. As with the Money Tree, your individual year may expire at a different time from a friend who also purchased the Money Bush, but you'll still earn your full year of Farm Cash overall.

You'll only have six days to purchase this Money Bush, and you'll gain 10,000 XP along with your purchase. Make sure to take a look at this one in the store before it expires, if you're at all interested. It's likely we won't see this one again, so make sure to shop now!

What do you think of the FarmVille Money Bush? Will you purchase this one, as it costs less than the Money Tree, or are both still too expensive for your wallet? Sound off in the comments.