FarmVille Sneak Peek: Lucky Rainbow coming for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day has always been a time for item collection and prize redemption in FarmVille, and this year looks to be no different, as FarmVilleFreak has discovered the first details pertaining to an upcoming Lucky Rainbow item collection feature that will launch fairly soon in the game. The Lucky Rainbow looks to resemble the Cupid's Garden feature, in that we'll need to collect three different kinds of items that can be used in bulk to earn special, exclusive decorations or animals.

We'll collect Shamrocks, Horseshoes and Moons, which can each be used to earn at least two items each (for six known items as of right now). We'll earn Shamrock Trees, Fighting Irish Ducks, Parrots, Street Lamps, a Rainbow Body Mustang and even a Rainbow Clover Bridge.

There's always the possibility that additional prizes will be released in this feature, or that the items themselves could change before things are released in full, and we'll make sure to let you know the full details of the Lucky Rainbow event as we learn more. Keep checking back with us!

[Image Credit: FarmVilleFreak]

Are you excited to collect items for your Lucky Rainbow in FarmVille? Which of these prizes sound the most interesting to you? Sound off in the comments.