Lunchtime Poll: Vacation Homes in The Sims Social: Yea or nay?

The Sims Social Locations Map
The Sims Social Locations Map

By now, everybody should be shacked up in their brand new Vacation Homes in The Sims Social. The biggest, newest feature to Playfish's top social game on Facebook admittedly brings a ton of new content to play around with far beyond this week. While you may complete the quests that Littlehaven Shores has to offer rather quickly, we're willing to bet you'll be decorating and customizing the place for much longer.

That said, the new feature is also terribly reminiscent of games like FarmVille, which has already had a travel feature for some time. Granted, Zynga's farming simulator has been on the block for far longer, but perhaps something like the rumored Cars or Careers would have served to separate The Sims Social further apart from the competition. As you can see, reaction to Vacation Homes in The Sims Social could go either way, so with that, we ask you:

The Sims Social Vacation Homes: Yea or Nay?
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