Saving on Suds

Savings Experiment: Dish Soap We all use dish soap -- even those of us who are lucky enough to own dishwashers -- but did you know that this sudsy product can be a source for savings? Here's how...

First, stop using so much soap. In actuality, more soap does not make your dishes cleaner. In fact, you end up using bottles of it faster, and utilize more water in trying to rinse it off.

Instead, try using a normal amount of soap. What kind of soap, you ask? One with a foam pump dispenser. The mechanism emits soapy foam, which results in using less product for washing dishes.

For extra savings on top of that, reuse your bottle. Once your original bottle is empty, buy a soap refill, which will run you about $5.29. This alone will save you some money, but for bonus savings, make a diluted solution that will work just as well on fighting grease.

Dish SoapMix one part soap with two parts water in your original dispenser, and then shake gently. This super-easy homemade solution can last you a month. Then, you'll still have plenty of your refill soap left over to make additional batches of your homemade solution.

To take savings to another level, you can invest in a more permanent foam soap dispenser from stores like Bed Bath and Beyond or on You'll pay a little more up front than you would on a disposable one, but it will look great on your counter and put more money in your bank account over time.
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