CastleVille Party Time Quests: Everything you need to know


It's time for a Carnival party in CastleVille, and you'll be able to celebrate this grand occasion by completing five Party Time Quests in your kingdom. You'll build a new Pavilion in your Kingdom as part of this event, so make sure you have enough room available to place and build one. Here's a complete guide to finishing these five quests, along with the prizes that you'll receive.

It's My Party

  • Have 10 Wood Logs

  • Have 10 Stone

  • Build the Pavilion

The Pavilion's base costs 5,000 coins to purchase from the store and, you guessed it, it requires those 10 Wood Logs and Stones to complete. That's an incredibly simple building process, and for finishing this first quest, you'll receive 1,500 coins and 30 XP.

Party On!

  • Craft a Party

  • Get the Party Started

  • Have 20 Purple Beads

Purple Beads can be earned by someone "throwing a party," or you can ask your friends to send them to you via individual requests. To craft the Party (it will only be available for two weeks), you'll need to have 10 Wood Planks, 3 Yellow Feathers and 10 Red Feathers. Wood Planks can be crafted in your Workshop, while the Yellow Feathers can be earned by posting a general news item on your wall. Finally, Red Feathers are earned by tending adult Peacocks. The Party itself takes eight hours to craft. Placing it in your Kingdom will start the party in your Kingdom, thus finishing this quest. You'll receive 3,250 coins and 65 XP for finishing this one.

Party Hearty

  • Craft 5 Grape Juice

  • Visit 2 Neighbors

  • Perform 5 Actions in Kingdoms that are Throwing Parties

To easily tell who is throwing a party and who is not, just look for a purple box around your friend's picture in the friends bar. Then visit them and complete actions to finish this quest. You'll receive 3,250 coins and 65 XP for finishing this quest.

Partied Out

  • Gather 10 Pails of Water

  • Feed 10 Animals in your Kingdom

  • Click on Party Starter after Party is Done

Clicking on the Party after its over will simply give you your rewards. Pails of Water come from fishing, while you can feed any animals to fulfill that task. You'll receive 750 coins and 15 XP for finishing it.

After Party

  • Craft 1 Prize in the Pavilion

  • Use the Prize to Collect the Reward

  • Have 5 Sheet Music

First things first, Sheet Music comes from a general news post on your wall. Meanwhile, prizes like avatar clothing can be crafted inside the Pavilion using items like party beads. When you craft a prize, it will go into your inventory, and you'll need to go into the Consumables section and "use" it to actually claim it, taking care of those two tasks for this final Party quest. When you finish this entire quest series, you'll receive 1,750 coins, 35 XP and a Big Energy Potion worth 10 energy points when used.

As for your own Party, you'll be able to earn Party Visit Points for each friend that visits your Kingdom and completes five tasks while you're throwing a party. Earn enough Visit Points (up to 20) and you'll receive all of the available prizes, including a massive King Cake. To craft another Party, you'll simply need to collect all of the ingredients shown above and craft an additional one. Good luck earning all of the prizes in time!

What do you think of this Carnival / Party quest series in CastleVille? Will you try to earn all 20 Visit Points during your own Party, even if it means purchasing additional points with Crowns? Sound off in the comments.