CastleVille: Celebrate Carnival with new limited edition items

It's time for Carnival in CastleVille, and if you're ready to rock out and party in your kingdom, you can now do so with a slew of new items that have been released in the game's store. You'll be able to purchase many outfits for your avatar, along with some decorations and animals. Unfortunately, most of these things cost Crowns to purchase, but there are a few coin options for those shopping on a budget. Here's the complete lineup.

Carnival Dress - 10 Crowns
Carnival Headdress - 5 Crowns
Carnival Top - 10 Crowns
Parrot Hat - 6 Crowns
Parrot Pants - 6 Crowns
Parrot Shirt - 8 Crowns
Samba Cuffs - 5,000 coins
Samba Dress - 5,000 coins

Samba Hat - 4 Crowns
Samba Headdress - 5 Crowns
Samba Pants - 6 Crowns
Samba Top - 9 Crowns
Carnival Confetti - 5 Reputation Hearts
Carnival Lantern - 700 coins
Flamboyant Seat - 10,000 coins
Masked Goose - 9 Crowns

Plumed Pony - 25 Crowns
Blue Carnival Tree - 2,500 coins
Gold Carnival Tree - 25 Reputation Hearts
Pink Carnival Tree - 2 Crowns
Sheepish Float - 30 Crowns

These items will only be available in the store for a limited time. Hopefully, some themed quests will also launch in the game, giving us a chance to celebrate Carnival to the fullest in our Kingdoms. We'll make sure to let you know if that happens.

What do you think of these Carnival items? Will you purchase any of these outfits for your in-game avatar? Sound off in the comments.