Tell grandma and grandpop: Zynga Bingo is offically live on Facebook

Zynga Bingo
Zynga Bingo

While you're at it, tell mom and dad, too. Zynga has announced that its take on Bingo, aptly titled Zynga Bingo, is now available to all on Facebook. The game has been in a closed beta test for nearly a month, and now it's finally ready. The release of Zynga Bingo marks the release of the developer's newest franchise, Zynga Casino, which includes Zynga Slingo and Zynga Poker. (Though, we're sure Zynga would be remiss not to launch its own slots game, given the new overarching brand.)

The short of Zynga Bingo is that it takes the experience normally found in your local nursing home and slaps some social features on it. The long of it, however, can be found in our in-depth preview of the game. Since then, Zynga got heat for allegedly copying Buffalo Studios' Bingo Blitz, a claim the developer was quick to deny.

Rich Sawel, product manager of the recently-released Zynga Slingo, likened Zynga Bingo to checkers, an analogy the developer echoes today. Maybe that's not to say that Bingo is any worse than Slingo, but rather a simpler game than the latter. At any rate, those looking to get their Bingo itched scratched without access to a local senior center might find something desirable in Zynga Bingo. And if you're looking for friends to play the game with, check out our "Add Me" page.

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