Zuma Blitz's Monumental Decision: Your opinion can change the game!

While fan feedback is (usually) appreciated by Facebook game developers, most will ultimately go un-acted upon, as fans may have to wait weeks or months for features they want to appear in their favorite Facebook games. PopCap is set to change that, at least a bit, this week, as it's throwing a "Monumental Decision" event in Zuma Blitz, in which players will have the chance to directly impact the future of the "Spirit animal Monument" feature within the game.

From now until Monday at 9AM Pacific, players can login to Zuma Blitz and click on a banner at the top or bottom of the game to vote for their favorite animal. Your options are Rabbit, Eagle or Snake, and the winner of this poll will end up becoming the next Spirit Animal Monument in the game.

If you have a particular love for one of these three animals, you can vote more than once to try and move your choice into the top spot. Just remember to do so quickly, as the voting process will end next Monday. Who knows? If fans respond positively to this personal impact on the game, maybe PopCap will allow us the chance to change more in Zuma Blitz in the future! The possibilities are endless!

Do you appreciate when developers listen to fan feedback about their games, or do you trust developers to do what's best for fans regardless? Which of the three animals will you vote for in this Monumental Decision event? Sound off in the comments.

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