Realm of the Mad God gives Steam some priceless, pixelated love

Realm of the Mad God
Realm of the Mad God

If you're a fan of indie games (and things that are awesome), chances are you've already played Realm of the Mad God. If that's the case, then chances are you're also a fan of Steam, developer Valve's game distribution service-meets-player network. A collision of two such awesome things was previously deemed impossible, but behold: Realm of the Mad God is now on Steam.

Realm of the Mad God (RotMG) maker Spry Fox--currently in a legal tussle with 6waves Lolapps--has described its gem as a "cooperative MMO bullet hell shooter," which will sound about right for those who've had the pleasure of playing. In RotMG, players must team up with their buddies as one of several staple role-playing game classes in the fight against the forces of Oryx. He is, well, a very angry god.

To dive in, all players need to do is open up Steam, head over to the store and then the "Free to Play" section under the "Genres" tab. Then it's as easy as clicking "Play Game." RotMG is just the latest in a string of free-to-play games to hit Steam, including Valve's own Team Fortress 2. (Reloaded Productions' post-apocalyptic, free-to-play MMO Fallen Earth was also added to Steam.) Want a primer on how to best tackle Realm of the Mad God? Check out our guide.

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