Pioneer Trail Get Ready to Get Rich: Everything you need to know

The Pioneer Trail Gold Rush feature has grown again this week, with the "Get Ready to Get Rich" event now being available to complete (so long as you're at least level 15). This event has three basic goals, along with repeatable goals that can be completed for Hank, Granny and Thunder Moon. There are also new items available in the game's store that go along with this event.

The Three One-Time-Only Goals

Prepare for the Gold Rush

  • Complete any Preparation Meter Goals Two Times

  • Watch the New Expedition Trailer

  • Craft 2 Moving Equipment

Rewards: 500 XP, Prep Mystery Box, 3 Baskets of Gold

The Tip-Off

  • Complete any Preparation Meter Goals 4 Times

  • Collect 2 Abandoned Tracks

  • Tend 25 Baskets of Gold on your Homestead

Baskets of Gold and Abandoned Tracks come from Prep Mystery Boxes, or as goal rewards. Your rewards for this goal are 700 XP, three Prep Mystery Boxes and 700 coins.

Ready to Rush

  • Complete any Preparation Meter Goals 8 Times

  • Tend 100 Gold Roses

  • Clobber 10 Bears

The Gold Roses will unlock to plant after you've earned 175 Prep Points. These points are, as you might have guessed, earned by completing the repeatable goals below multiple times.

The Repeatable Goals

Preparing Snacks with Granny

  • Craft 4 Peppered Mashed Potatoes

  • Craft 6 Granny's Gut Punch

  • Harvest 40 Peas on your Homestead

Rewards: Prep Mystery Box, 25 Prep Points, 1 Gold Rush Voucher

Mining Ain't Easy

  • Craft 4 Sieves

  • Clear 10 Rocks on your Homestead

  • Clear 25 Cacti or Thorns on your Neighbors' Homesteads

Rewards: Prep Mystery Box, 50 Prep Points, 2 Gold Rush Vouchers

Scout the Railroad Tracks

  • Find and Heal and injured Wild Pup

  • Tend 30 Adult Badgers on your Homestead

  • Tend 35 Adult Goats on your Neighbors' Homesteads

Rewards: 2 Prep Mystery Boxes, 75 Prep Points, 3 Gold Rush Vouchers

As we said before, there are three items available to purchase in the market with this event: Goldfish Pond, Golden Roses (a new crop that takes two days to harvest) and Baskets of Gold. Only the Golden Roses are available to purchase with coins. You'll also be able to complete a new in-game collection - the Preparation Collection - by completing these various tasks. You'll receive five Gold Rose seeds and 400 XP for competing that collection. Good luck!

[Via and Image Credit: Zynga]

Are you excited about this new feature and the possibility to earn five free rewards for your Homestead? Sound off in the comments.