Murder, She Wrote 2: A preview

Murder She Wrote 2
Murder She Wrote 2

Murder, She Wrote 2 offers three new cases to solve

A sequel is in the works for Murder, She Wrote, Legacy Interactive's hidden object game based on one of television's most beloved murder mystery shows. Murder, She Wrote 2 will be available online and in retail stores early next year, at which time you'll once again follow the footsteps of famous crime fiction writer Jessica Fletcher as she investigates three new cases of murder and misadventure in the sleepy but deadly New England town of Cabot Cove.


From theft and embezzlement, to forgery and murder, players will be kept guessing as they try to outwit each clever culprit. With gameplay that blends light adventure elements with hidden object searches, Murder, She Wrote 2 will also give you a chance to explore larger environments in Cabot Cove and use the map to travel between locations. Along the way you'll master more than 80 puzzles while interacting with familiar characters from the TV show, including Jessica Fletcher, Seth Hazlitt and Sheriff Mort Metzger.

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