Monster Galaxy journeys beyond Facebook, iPhone through Viximo

Monster Galaxy
Monster Galaxy

A movie deal just wasn't enough for the little critters, was it? Social games distribution platform Viximo and developer Gaia Interactive have announced a partnership that will bring its top Facebook game, Monster Galaxy, to various social networks through Viximo's numerous partners. This means that Monster Galaxy could land on foreign social networks like Orkut, Nasza Klasa, Tuenti, VZnet, IMVU, MyYearbook, Quepasa and Odnoklassniki.

In other words, Monster Galaxy is about to blow up far beyond its 1.3 million monthly players on Facebook (and who knows how many on iPhone and iPad). And as Monster Galaxy spreads like a virus--a happy, cheery virus, mind you--Viximo will bring its top social games from game makers like Kixeye and Game Insight to Gaia Online, the developer's online games portal.

"We are thrilled to work with Gaia Interactive," Viximo CEO Dale Strang said in a release. "Gaia Online gets a selection of top quality, high monetizing social games, and our developer partners in turn receive access to a highly-engaged base of game players. What's more, Gaia Interactive gets a new expanded audience for its top game Monster Galaxy."

It seems like a win-win for both companies involved. But more importantly, this looks that way even more so for not only Gaia Online fans, but folks on networks like Orkut that have been itching for a Pokémon-like fix. (And one that Nintendo doesn't look like it plans to provide anytime soon.)

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