Little Acorns: A review

Little Acorns
Little Acorns

For pocket platforming, Mr. Nibbles makes a choice companion.

Little Acorns is a game with a simple premise we're sure many of you are familiar with: Squirrels gathering as much food as they can before winter comes. Unfortunately for Mr. Nibbles and his family, it seems that many of their forest-dwelling neighbors are jerks, opting to raid the Nibbles' tree and steal all of the food they had packed away for the cold weather.


Taking on the role of the family patriarch, your job is to run, jump, and swing through each level, gathering all of the acorns and making your way to the exit door before time runs out (squirrels have a schedule to keep, after all). The game adds new elements incrementally over the first few stages, as your first objective is to simply gather all of the nuts in the stage. Following that, the next level has you gather pieces of fruit before exiting in order to unlock a bonus customization item. And the one after that has Mr. Nibbles playing "Daddy Day Care," in that he must not only round up all the nuts and ideally gather all the fruit, but round up all of the rambunctious young squirrel kids running around, too.

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