Frugal Nation: Which Are America's Most Coupon-Loving Cities


It seems that Midwestern and Southern shoppers are big on saving with digital coupons. That's what a survey of U.S. cities based on online coupon usage revealed.

The rankings from identify frugality trends on a regional basis, with Atlanta taking the top spot as the city populated by the most avid online couponers.

But although four Southern cities ranked in the top 10 for their robust online couponing habits, Midwesterners are overall a far more coupon-addicted lot: Midwestern cities from St. Louis to Wichita dominate the top 25 list, taking nine spots, according to, which bills itself as the leader in digital coupons.

And its seems Ohioans in particular love their coupons: The Buckeye state alone occupies three spots on the list -- Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus -- making Ohio the most frugal state in terms of online coupon-wise, says

In the Northeast, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C., Boston and Philadelphia rank as the most frugal cities. The West Coast is notably underrepresented: Only Seattle (14) made the list.

Cities With the Most Mobile Coupon Fans

Some regional clusters of shoppers prefer to get their coupons via smart phones and mobile devices rather than the Web, according to's list of Most-on-the-go Frugal Cities. The list ranks mobile coupon usage by tracking's Grocery iQ and mobile apps.

Memphis and Austin appear on the Most On-the-Go Frugal Cities list, but not the Most Frugal list. Dallas ranks sixth for mobile coupon usage, nine spots higher than its 15th on the online coupon list, while New Orleans ranked 12th, 10 spots higher than its spot on the online list.

But Atlantans are big on both online and mobile coupons, as the city took the No. 1 spot on both lists.

Here are's complete lists of the cities that are most enthusiastic about online coupons and mobile