FarmVille Pic of the Day: It's Nyan Cat vs Tac Nayn on Glosoli's farms

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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a cat soaring amongst the stars with a rainbow shooting out of its butt! FarmVille player Glosoli isn't the first to pay homage to last year's top feline meme, Nyan Cat. (One player built a Nyan Cat House in The Sims Social first.) But Glosoli is the first to make Nyan Cat's arch-nemesis a subject of Facebook game art.

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I bet you didn't know Nyan Cat had an arch-nemesis, eh? Well, his name is "Tac Nayn" (pronounced Tac-9), which is "Nyan Cat" spelled in reverse. In fact, almost everything about Tac Nayn is in reverse, even his song. Just as Robot Unicorn Attack has a Heavy Metal version, Nyan Cat comes with a darker twin complete with red eyes, black fur, a Belgian waffle body, a colorless rainbow trail, and a bloody red background with floating skulls. Glosoli couldn't squeeze those skulls into her hay bale portrait of Tac Nayn, but she did set him on her Lighthouse Cove farm, where the autumn foliage really brings out the red in his eyes.

Who do you like better -- Nyan Cat or Tac Nayn? What other memes would make great farm designs? Sound off in the comments.Add Comment

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