FarmVille Carnival Items: Caribbean Trumpet Tree, Favela Home and more

Tonight's FarmVille update is a huge one, offering a slew of new items in the game's Carnival / Mardi Gras limited edition item theme. If you're an animal or tree collector, I hope you've saved up some Farm Cash, as you're definitely going to need it here. Here's a complete look at the newly released items.


Caribbean Trumpet - 6 Farm Cash
Big Caribbean Trumpet - 12 Farm Cash
White Trumpet - 6 Farm Cash
Big White Trumpet - 12 Farm Cash
Headdress Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Headdress Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Headdress Ewe - 16 Farm Cash
Headdress Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Headdress Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Big Headdress Ewe - 18 Farm Cash
Headdress Llama - 14 Farm Cash
Headdress Chicken - 20 Farm Cash
Boxer - 2 million coins


Favela Home - 15 Farm Cash


Carnival Fountain - 10 Farm Cash
Samba Dancer - 12 Farm Cash
Feather Fence - 5,000 coins

Avatar Clothing

Carnival Costume - 7 Farm Cash
Samba Dancer - 7 Farm Cash

These items will be available in the FarmVille marketplace for the next two weeks, so make sure to go shopping sooner, rather than later, before the party leaves for another year.

What do you think of this large selection of Carnival and Mardi Gras themed items? Sound off in the comments.