Dear Esther: A review

Dear Esther
Dear Esther

Dear Dear Esther,

I'm not a philosopher. While I do find myself pondering and analyzing from time to time, I don't make a daily routine out of finding "the meaning of it all" so I can't pretend to be one. I'm not entirely sure that you require the person you're interacting with to be one, which is a good thing. Your calming mood and subdued narrator are something that many people will enjoy, so it's a good idea not to turn anyone off with my take on you. But really though, the question is: What are you?


It would almost be rude of me to call you a "game" in the traditional sense. You're completely unlike most of what people will find here on Gamezebo. You're interactive, but there's not a single combative element to you. It's more that you have a story to tell, or you want to relay some details about something else that happened in your world. Either way, you let people stroll around your world, leaving it completely up to them to decide what paths to take and what sights to see. You don't let them run or jump, only walking and using one button to slightly zoom their vision. Four chapters are offered to your viewers that flow into each other with short breaks to load the next one. The experience could be over in an hour or four, depending on how much people want to see of what you have to offer.

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