The Tablet Wars Get More Interesting

Kindle Fire
Kindle Fire

If (AMZN) wants a price war, Barnes & Noble (BKS) is ready to play.

The struggling real-world bookseller announced this week that it's offering an 8-gigabyte version of its Nook tablet for the same $199 price point as Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Markdown Madness

Amazon made waves this past holiday season with the entry-level tablet, a gadget that sold millions last quarter. The $199 tablet continues to sell briskly. "The #1 best-selling product on Amazon," reads a plug for the Kindle Fire on the website's homepage.

Barnes & Noble tried to raise the stakes by giving its tablet double the storage capacity, but the $249 price for 16 gigabytes probably made it a hard sell. Barnes & Noble isn't giving up on the bigger gig version: It'll continue to offer the original $249 Nook. But now it also has a tablet to meet Amazon head-on in terms of price and storage capacity.

To give the new Nook tablet some breathing room at $199, the color e-reader that Barnes & Noble was selling for $199 will drop down to $169.

For That Kind of Money, What About an iPad?

This week's Nook news isn't the only thing on the horizon.

Apple (AAPL) is widely expected to unveil the iPad 3 early next month.

It goes without saying that the iPad 3 is going to once again raise the bar on the world's best-selling tablet. The display should improve. The dual cameras should get better. Its raw processing power will surely get a boost.

However, it's not what Apple will do with the iPad 3 that will influence where Amazon and Barnes & Noble go from here. The real mystery here is what Apple will do with the iPad 2. Many are speculating that instead of retiring the older model -- as it did when the iPad 2 replaced the original iPad -- Apple will let the iPad 2 stick around at a reduced price point.

The iPad 3 is all but a lock to stick to the $499 base price, but what happens if the iPad 2 lingers at $399, $349, or even $299?

Apple isn't desperate enough to hit $299, but $399 is a strong possibility. Apple now does this with its annual iPhone updates, so it's really just a matter of time before this carries over to tablets. Shaving its price down to $399 will narrow the sticker shock that separates Apple's from cheaper entry-level tablets.

Fire's Getting Bigger

But it may not be just Barnes & Noble and Apple hitting the market with new tablets in the coming weeks.

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Asia's DigiTimes is reporting that Amazon has placed orders for a 10-inch Kindle Fire that will begin shipping next quarter. The current generation of entry-level tablets put out by Amazon and Barnes & Noble are just cheaper 7-inch versions. A 10-inch Fire would help Amazon compete with the similar iPad in terms of size.

At a time when many classrooms are considering switching to digital textbooks on tablets, it's important for Amazon to make sure that it has a product on the market that can compete with the larger iPad.

These are interesting times, indeed.
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