The Sims Social Vacation Homes whisk Sims away to Littlehaven Shores

The Sims Social Vacation Homes
Can we just say that you guys totally called it? Take your Sim on a vacay in the biggest feature to hit The Sims Social yet: Vacation Homes. Playfish plans to launch the feature tomorrow, Feb. 23, starting with a tropical location known as Littlehaven Shores. Once players reach Level 10, they can visit Littlehaven Shores and build their Sim's home away from home.

Each player will enjoy their very own, fully-customizable version of Littlehaven Shores, which offers a decidedly equatorial theme. Every beach house comes packing the bare necessities--a sink, toilet, kitchen counters and more--but will have its own shop filled with exclusive items to decorate the place with. The shore homes will also come with their very own quests to complete and skill items to master.
The Sims Social Littlehaven Shores
Of course, players will be able to navigate between their original home and Littlehaven Shores, their second home. (From the sound of it, Vacation Homes will work much like travel does in, say, FarmVille between players' various farms.) Vacation Homes will not stop at Littlehaven Shores, as Playfish plans for this feature to be a series.

Even more Vacation Homes will be added in the coming weeks, Playfish tells us. (And now that it's out of the top five, that could be just what The Sims Social needs.) Until then, expect to enjoy Littlehaven's luxurious side starting tomorrow. Players will get to check out Bella's Vacation Home as early as 12 a.m. GMT and venture into their own Littlehaven Shore later in the morning.
The Sims Social Vacation Homes couple
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