Fla. School Bus Dispatcher Suspended With Pay After Allegedly Aiding Bank Robbery

school bus dispatcher suspended with payA Florida school-bus dispatcher has been suspended with pay after police say she played Bonnie to her husband's Clyde in a bank robbery that took place late last month in central Florida.

Police say that Sharon Reynolds-Bell, who has worked for the Orange County School District for nearly 24 years, was behind the wheel of the car that aided her husband, Johnny Bell, in robbing a TD Bank branch in Titusville, according to Orlando TV station WFTV.

The robbery was caught on bank surveillance cameras that led to Johnny Bell's arrest on Feb. 8. A search of Bell's home resulted in police finding items used in the robbery, according to police.

Believing she was the getaway driver, police issued a warrant for Reynolds-Bell's arrest.

Court records say that Reynolds-Bell has admitted to the robbery and told police that she and Bell have had several fights about finances, WFTV reports.

The veteran school-district employee has been suspended with pay, meaning she's still earning $17.20 an hour.

Police say that Johnny Bell was wearing a wig and sunglasses when he entered the bank and passed a note to a teller that read, "Give me the money," according to WFTV. The teller responded by giving Bell $1,200 along with, unknown to him, a GPS tracking device.

After getting back into the car, the court records say, Reynolds-Bell asked her husband, "How much did you get?" and "Was it worth it?"

Approached by a reporter earlier this week about the alleged crime, Reynolds-Bell had little to say.

"I'm not guilty," Reynolds-Bell said to the reporter. "And that's all I have to say, according to my lawyer."

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