Rayman's raving Rabbids invade Facebook in their first social game

Rabbids Invasion"Rabbidizing" isn't a word we ever imagined would enter our vocabulary, but here we are. After ravaging the Wii, Xbox 360 and other game consoles with their craziness, the Rabbids have assaulted Facebook in Ubisoft's Rabbids Invasion. First found in Rayman's world, Ubisoft's pride and joy, the Rabbids' goofy antics don't appear to be nearly as crazy this time around.

In Rabbids Invasion, players will commandeer an army of Rabbids as they invade the most conventional game types on Facebook (i.e. your farming and city management games). Players take a drab farm town and give it a kooky Rabbids charm, turning it into a Rabbid-infested farm and eventually a booming metropolis of all things Rabbid. While the game looks to spin the world of traditional social games on its head, it does so in the most conventional way possible.

In order to paint the town Rabbid, so to speak, players essentially farm plots and collect from businesses. Players might transform those fuddy-duddy farm plots and boring businesses into something new, but it's largely done in the same way as before: clicking. The game's goofy potty humor seems like an attempt to mask that this branded social game is just like the sub genres it looks to poke fun at.
Rabbids Invasion gameplay
At any rate, Rabbids Invasion is one slick-looking and smoothly animated Facebook game that, for fans of the Rabbids antics on consoles, will likely serve players well. Unfortunately, the game's similarities to all the rest become apparent within minutes of play. Though, the ability to "Rabbidize" your profile page through the game sounds pretty nifty.

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[Via Inside Social Games]

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