Poll: Will you buy into the PlayStation Vita's 'social gaming revolution?'

PlayStation Vita
PlayStation Vita

Sony's answer to Nintendo's 3DS (and the legion of iOS and Android devices) is here. The PlayStation Vita is finally available in the U.S. and Europe, with the standard Wi-Fi version going for a hefty $250 and the 3G variety going for $300. And let's not forget the near-essential propriety memory cards that go for anywhere from $25 to $99.

At any rate, the PS Vita does look like one slick piece of technology, with more social features than you can shake a joystick at. In fact, Sony has billed its newest toy as the "social gaming revolution" in much of its promotional material. Bullet points like Near make the handheld console seem as if it's never to leave your side, offering gaming goodness at all times. That said, Sony's new crown jewel faces stiff competition and its own price tag. With that, we ask you:

Will you buy a PlayStation Vita?
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