Promotion Secrets: How The Corner Office Was Won [Infographic]

promotion corner office secretsThe nation's job picture may be improving, but it still has a long way to go before workers can expect to get a rise in pay. Stagnant wages have been a component of the U.S. labor market for more than a decade -- long before 2008's economic crisis.

That means an employee who wants to earn more money will likely have to get a promotion to secure any sizable increase in pay. While workers' earnings rose a scant 2 percent in 2010, those who got promoted reported an average 8 percent rise in take-home pay, according to CBS MoneyWatch.

Earning a promotion can be hard work, however. And many workers don't likely know the challenge that awaits them as they attempt to climb the career ladder.

Securing a promotion involves not having the proper set of skills but also more nuanced talents, such as self promotion -- spreading the word about your hard work and achievements -- and striving for the job you're looking to get.

Workers seeking advancement need to carry themselves and speak in a way that commands respect, consultant John Beeson tells MoneyWatch.

When it comes to skills, he says that many workers have the right skills -- for the job they're doing. But if they want a promotion, some aptitudes, such as being able to delegate lesser duties, may have to be learned.

"Almost by definition, the skills required to succeed at higher levels in an organization are different from those needed at lower levels," says Beeson, author of "The Unwritten Rules: The Six Skills You Need to Get Promoted to the Executive Level."

Among other strategies, he suggests asking a boss about which skills you need to develop to get to the next level.

Some bosses may be unwilling to provide such feedback, Beeson says. But if they are, ask to work on projects that can help you gain the skills you need.

For more on getting ahead by getting promoted, check out this infographic from Crisp360 Career Development.

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