Pink Panther's Amazing Adventure slinks onto Facebook soon

Pink Panther's Amazing Adventure
Pink Panther's Amazing Adventure

Unfortunately, we doubt this is Steve Martin's debut in social gaming. Both Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM) and IPFgames have announced Pink Panther's Amazing Adventure, the first Facebook game to feature the classic rosy cat burglar. Few details are available about the specifics of the branded social game, but it will launch on Facebook and later expand to Google+ and beyond.

The little more we know about old Pink's Facebook adventure is that players will solve various puzzles using clues provided, all of which will hold true to the "original charm and mischievous nature of The Pink Panther franchise," according to a release. Players will also get to play various mini-games within Pink Panther's Amazing Adventure that will serve to supplement the game's main storyline.

Oddly enough, MGM and IPFgames look to target women aged 30 to 55 with Pink Panther's Amazing Adventure, but somehow appeal to all ages. "We're very excited to take the lead in bringing this brand to Facebook as MGM's first social game," parent company IPFranchise CEO Kandice Cota said in a release. "It represents fans of all ages and a worldwide audience who have loved The Pink Panther since the late 60s." In short, Pink Panther's Amazing Adventure will be for everyone ... whenever it hits.

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