FarmVille Baby Bunny Hutch: Everything you need to know

Earlier this month, we saw the launch of some baby bunnies in the FarmVille marketplace, giving players a chance to purchase some adorable, fluffy animals for their farms. Now, you'll have a place to store those bunnies, or even earn more in the new Baby Bunny Hutch. The Baby Bunny Hutch is a new animal storage building, but you'll need to collect some building materials before you can actually use it.

The Baby Bunny Hutch requires 10 each of Baby Carrot Bunches, Wood Blocks and Hutch Wires. These items are earned either by asking your friends to send them to you, or by purchasing them with Farm Cash. Baby Bunnies that are stored inside the Bunny Hutch will give you a chance at earning Bunny Eggs when you harvest from the building once daily. You'll receive one bunny for free when completing the Hutch, and the others can be earned with the help of friends, or can be purchased from the store with Farm Cash.

The Baby Bunny Hutch can be upgraded to store more than the base amount of 20 bunnies, and of course you'll need to collect additional building materials to get that upgrade done. Feel free to build a Bunny Hutch (or more than one) on each of your farms and form the largest baby bunny collection you can!

What do you think of the Baby Bunny Hutch in FarmVille? Do your farms have room for such a specialized animal building? Sound off in the comments.