Facebook wants to work with European social game developers, too

Diamond Dash
Diamond Dash

U.S. game makers like Zynga, PopCap and Playdom aren't the only pioneers in the social games world, you know. There are plenty of social game creators in Europe and abroad that give American Facebook games a run for their money ... literally. And Facebook doesn't want to merely recognize top 10 social game makers like Wooga, King.com and Nordeus.

The multibillion-dollar social network wants to make sure it continues to be smooth sailing for them. The Guardian reports that Facebook has started a social games team in Europe designed to represent the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). The move to create a team that mirrors the U.S. was spurred by the visible success of companies like Wooga and King,com reached by creating games that are somewhat different from what your Zynga's and EA's offer.

"We're in the third evolution of the gaming platform, as the world-building and social/casual space has begun to consolidate," Facebook's EMEA director of business development and partnerships Christian Hernandez told The Guardian. "Newer players are coming into untapped areas and satisfying new types of users, who don't want to play FarmVille but might want to play strategy or shooter games, or free games around jackpot, slots or blackjack. This is the fastest growing and most interesting area."

According to The Guardian, Hernandez thinks that Europe is "the most interesting region in terms of the innovation" when it comes to Facebook games. Mobile social games will be a large focus for Facebook Europe, so don't be surprised to see more mobile games come from the Diamond Dash and Bubble Witch Saga houses.

Which of the top European-made Facebook games are your favorite? At the moment, who do you think is making better Facebook games: the U.S. or EMEA? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.