Monopoly, Mahjong and more take to the skies through Pogo and Gogo

Monopoly Plane Piece
Monopoly Plane Piece

Gaming on the go knows no bounds, and neither does EA. The veteran games publisher announced that three games from its popular web gaming service, Pogo, will be available on US Air, Alaska Airlines and select Delta Airlines flights. Soon, passengers will be able to play Monopoly, First Class Solitaire and Mahjong Safari on flights equipped with Gogo, an in-flight Internet service.

Players who want to get their game on will first have to pay for Gogo's in-air Internet access, which can cost anywhere from $1.95 to $14.95, depending on the length of the flight. Then, would-be airborne Monopoly pros can log into their Pogo account from an Internet-enabled device (i.e. a tablet or smartphone) and get to gaming. (We hope Gogo is available from the screens behind the seats.)

"Pogo games offer the perfect distraction for the plane. Sometimes you just need five minutes of fun to improve your mood on a long flight," EA VP of publishing for Pogo Beatrice Spaine said, according to IntoMobile. "Our games are easy enough to pick up and play and entertaining enough to keep you seated for an entire cross-country flight."

Depending on how successful this move is, we wouldn't be surprised to see more Pogo games become available through Gogo. At any rate, here's to seeing more social games go airborne through Gogo or otherwise. But not everyone has an iPad, you know, so let's get on with putting these games in the seats.

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