Feed your Linsanity with this flash game -- it's a slam dunk every time

Linsanity game
And we mean that both literally and figuratively. Gonzo Games has created a Jeremy Lin flash game where you get to play as Lin, as he tries to shoot as many baskets as possible within 60 seconds. Since Lin's got perfect aim, your job is to decide when he shoots and to maneuver him around the court for power-ups (score multipliers; time extension) and avoiding trick ups: Kaboom! (subtracts 10 points off your score) and Troll Face (knocks you back down to earning 1 point per shot). The highest score so far is over 200. Think you can do better? Click here or scroll down to play "Linsanity" below!

Have you been swept up by Linsanity yet? What's your highest score in this game? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment
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