FarmVille Pic of the Day: The Farm Must Flow (and Float) by mykos

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Today's farm design is a killer combination of two awesome elements. Watery farms have always been a popular choice amongst FarmVille players because it never fails to look good. But Mykos is the first to use water in a floating design, making this the third and, frankly, best floater we've seen. Joelr's farm-sized flying fortress was the first known floater and featured a gigantic, elevated platform with castles and sheep sitting atop it. Anthonyyuen managed to pull off a floating terrace in a small section of his farm. But what I like about mykos' floating farm is its monumental, uncluttered, and pristine look. (The nerdy part of me is also reminded of 16-bit RPGs.)

By using a winter background, the shadows and the water stand out more. The pyramid configuration totally makes the terraces pop out so that the fake water looks like it's flowing from top-to-bottom. To cement the idea that the blue hay bales are water, mykos placed a spring or a lake on the uppermost terrace. While the entire farm looks very rigid and artificial, it also looks polished, like a bonsai tree that someone's trimmed to perfection. But it'd be more impressive if mykos can expand this network of floating waterfall terraces to cover the rest of the farm.

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