Poll: How do you pay up for your favorite social and casual games?

Credit cards
Credit cards

Paying for games or for goodies within games using plastic isn't so popular anymore. (Well, at least personal plastic.) A study by research firm NewZoo found that consumers paying up for games with credit cards fell to 20 percent last year. In 2010, 26 percent of gamers used a credit card to pay for new games. MCV reports that the amount spent on prepaid cards, at least in the UK, had jumped from £90m in 2010 to £125m in 2011.

And Ukash, a prepaid card specialist, came to a similar conclusion. The prepayment provider found that nine out of 10 of its customers preferred cash alternatives over credit when buying things. While you'd expect the customers of such a service to prefer that method, it does raise an interesting question: Just how do you pay for your games and in-game content (i.e. virtual goods, like energy or power-ups)?

You'd think that more gamers would use credit cards, the easier and near-frictionless alternative to hitting up the local game store every once in a while to pick up some Facebook Credits or what have you. Then again, increasing concerns of privacy and security could be reason enough to avoid credit cards online as much as possible, So, we ask you:

How do you pay up for social & casual games?
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