Adventure World: Finish Emily's Zoology Tent for free!

In January, Adventure World's Emily received her very own tent for your Base Camp: Emily's Zoology Tent. As a refresher, this Tent, when finished, gives you the ability to collect animals from Expeditions that you play in the future. However, it required quite a few building materials to finish. Formerly, you would need to play through the Scientific Survey maps / Expeditions to claim these items, but now, Zynga has removed all of the requirements, if you've still yet to finish it off.

To be specific, if you've yet to complete Emily's Zoology Tent, you can now login to your Base Camp to see a pop-up letting you know you can finish it for free. Sure enough, clicking on the pop-up allows you to click on "Finish Upgrade" to complete Emily's Zoology Tent automatically. You can then use the Tent as you would if you had built the structure from scratch, clicking on "Find on Map" to go to maps that contain certain animals, or clicking on "Place" to place any animals you've found onto your Base Camp, where they can then be fed (using feed you'll still need to find on maps).

While this isn't the best building that could have been automatically completed (why couldn't we have a new tool shop upgrade instead?), it is nice to have one item taken off of our plates with all of the other features the game currently contains. We'll make sure to let you know if additional buildings are given automatic completion in Adventure World, so keep checking back with us!

Had you already finished Emily's Zoology Tent, or will you take advantage of this opportunity to finish it for free? Sound off in the comments.