Lunchtime Poll: What do you think is headed to The Sims Social?

The Sims Social Coming Soon
The Sims Social Coming Soon

Unfortunately, we doubt it's cars just yet. A supposedly nifty new feature is coming to The Sims Social, according to developer Playfish. First teased on the game's official blog and forums, an icon for the mysterious feature has appeared in-game. It depicts what appears to be a globe centered on Europe and simply reads "Coming Soon."

Playfish has openly asked its players to ask whether they can guess what the feature is, so why not have you The Sims Social fans guesstimate right here? But let's guide your guesses just a little bit. Since we can't imagine this icon being anything other than a globe, perhaps the feature is something similar to Zynga's FarmVille Friends. That would allow players to make friends with others regardless of whether they're Facebook friends.

Maybe The Sims Social players will get to be a little more adventurous and journey to other parts of the globe, making new homes wherever they land. Or maybe this is simply a global leaderboard in which players can compare their success to not just their friends, but all of The Sims Social's 20 million monthly players. With that, we want to know what you think:

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