You'll soon start a career to afford that car in The Sims Social [Rumors]

The Sims Social
The Sims Social

It might be time for your Sim to get off of its lazy butt and get a job already. The Sims Social Fansite reports that it has exclusive information regarding an incoming feature to The Sims Social: Careers. According to the fan website, which has accurately predicted several weekly content updates, The Sims Social players will soon be able to assign career paths to their Sims.

The fan website reports that players will be able to choose from a list of Careers for their Sims to follow, with each Career sporting a series of quests. Of course, players will complete these quests to send their Sims up the ladder and ultimately into your their dream job. Careers are nothing new to The Sims franchise proper, but would certainly add a new element of "look what I have/did and you don't/didn't" that drives much of Playfish's hit Facebook game.

Between this, Cars and some mystery feature that could be anything from globetrotting to frictionless friend-adding, one thing is clear: Playfish is well aware that its answer to the Zynga empire is dwindling. And it's willing to do whatever it takes to restore the tens of millions of monthly players lost over the past seven months. OK, well, two things: The Sims Social could make us just as vicarious as the first game ... and the second. (And the third.)

Are you psyched to hear that Careers could be coming to The Sims Social? Which would you want in the game more: Careers or Cars? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.