Pioneer Trail Little Crow and the Train Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

Now that the railroad has come to Pioneer Trail, Little Crow has developed a fear of the trains and their loud noises. You'll need to help her overcome her fear by finishing a new timed goal in the game: Little Crow and the Train. This timed goal needs to be accepted in your game by March 5, and you'll have two weeks to complete it (that's right, 14 days). You'll also need to be at least Level 15 in Pioneer Trail to actually have this goal available to you.

Little Crow and the Train
  • Tend 25 Non Rideable Horses
  • Collect 20 Train Wheels
  • Collect 20 Photos of the Train

If you don't have enough Horses on your own Homestead, you might visit some of your friends' Homesteads to see if that counts. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 700 XP, 400 coins and a Train Set decoration for your Homestead.

Remember, you'll need to accept this goal by March 5, so keep track of this one on your Homestead so that you don't miss your chance for these rewards.

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