FarmVille Mystery Game (02/19/12): Mardi Gras animals are covered in beads

The Mardi Gras celebration has really come to FarmVille this week, in the form of plenty of animals in the new round of the Mystery Game. Specifically, these are relatively normal-looking animals that have put on plenty of beads to celebrate Carnival / Mardi Gras. This week's game costs 20 Farm Cash to play, if you don't have any free darts in your Gift Box, and by throwing a dart at the board, you'll have a chance to win the following:

Beaded Pig
Beaded Pony
Carnival Cat
Carnival Mini Horse
Carnival Pegasus
Carnival Squirrel

As usual, if you can win one of each of these items (which could require a lot of Farm Cash, as duplicate items are possible), you'll win a free Mardi Gras Bird as your seventh prize. Good luck in winning one of each of these items - remember, you'll only have a week to win them all before the game resets, so play now!

What do you think of this week's Carnival / Mardi Gras themed prizes? Which ones did you win on your farm? Sound off in the comments.