FarmVille Carnival Items: Mardi Gras Balloon, French Quarter and more

It's time for another update in FarmVille, bringing with it plenty of items in the Carnival / Mardi Gras theme. This update packs a punch with new trees, decorations, buildings and more for your many farms. These items will only be available in the game for the next two weeks, so get started on shopping now!


Mardi Gras Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Giant Mardi Gras Tree - 10 Farm Cash
Mask Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Mask Tree - 14 Farm Cash

The Mardi Gras tree pair is a re-release, so make sure you don't already have some before shelling out the Farm Cash.


Mask Ram - 16 Farm Cash
Beaded Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Mask Boar - 16 Farm Cash
Jester Monkey - 14 Farm Cash
Giant Jester Monkey - 16 Farm Cash
Carnival Chicken - 20 Farm Cash
American Bison - 2.5 million coins


French Quarter I - 34 Farm Cash
French Quarter II - 46 Farm Cash
French Quarter - 25 Farm Cash


Carnival Float - 12 Farm Cash
Mardi Gras Balloon - 20,000 coins
Jester Gnome - 12 Farm Cash


King Cake - 5 Farm Cash for license

This King Cake permit will allow you to plant the King Cake crop for one week, giving you three experience points for each square you plant. They can be harvested in 12 hours for 190 coins per square, so get planting!

What do you think of these Carnival items? Which ones will you purchase for your farms? Sound off in the comments.