Backyard Monsters maker's full 3D RPG will hit Facebook in September

Backyard Monsters
Backyard Monsters

When the leaves fall again, so will your (virtual) 20-sided die. Kixeye CEO Will Harbin told IndustryGamers that the San Francisco developer plans to release its mysterious role-playing game (RPG) on Facebook this September. During the characteristically frank interview, Harbin managed to reveal more details while ripping on Zynga, Kabam and Google+ in the process.

"I think people are really going to be blown away when we launch our RPG in September. It's full 3D in Flash, so hyper-accessible, and it looks awesome in the early play builds we're looking at," Harbin revealed to IndustryGamers. "Our official concept is there's no buying energy to play, you just come in and play it. It looks and feels like a download game."

No buying energy to keep playing? That's music to the ears. Harbin said that the RPG is in development using Flash 11, the latest in the most commonly-used tech behind Facebook games. This will help the nameless RPG be as accessible to as many core gamers as possible. Harbin told us recently that the same game will serve as a launchpad for a much larger-scale MMO (massively multiplayer online game) slated for 2013.

From imminent RPGs to racing games and beyond, Kixeye is dedicated to core browser gaming. "There are no good RPGs in browser, there are no good simulations in browser, there are no good adventure games, and I still think we have a ways to go to get the ultimate persistent RTS," Harbin said. "I think there's a ton of runway in browser if you know what you're doing."

Are you excited to see what Kixeye's upcoming RPG is like? Based on the developer's previous work, what do you expect it to look and feel like? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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