Adventure World Cleopatra's Boudoir Expedition: Everything you need to know

The second portion of the Cleopatra event has launched in Adventure World, with this Expedition being called Cleopatra's Boudoir. You'll have six days to finish this newest Expedition, which contains three quests for you to complete.

Red Carpet Treatment

  • Ask friends for 15 Big Mothballs

  • Use 14 Mothballs on Carpets

  • Recover Cleopatra's Carpet

  • Defeat 30 Cleopatra's Asps

The Big Mothballs can be earned by sending out individual requests to friends. Once you start to collect them, you can use them on the Carpets scattered around the map, as seen below. The Snakes, meanwhile, are just the general enemy on the map, so you'll come across plenty of them along the path to the end.

Guardians of Her Heart

  • Ask friends for 10 Cleopatra's Seals

  • Close the Captain of the Guard's Sarcophagus

  • Close the Chief Scribe's Sarcophagus

  • Close the Pool Boy's Sarcophagus

These sarcophagi are found pretty far apart from one another, with plenty of snakes and other obstacles in between them. If you're having trouble finding one or more of them, feel free to click on the "Show Me" buttons within the quest window to have the game point them out to you.

Emily's Love Bug

  • Ask friends for 10 Love Letters

  • Give Love Letters to Trip or Ken

The Mailbag at the very beginning of this map will offer a free Love Letter every 12 hours, or you can ask your friends to send them to you instead. There's still a bit left in this Cleopatra event in Adventure World, and we'll keep bringing you guides to finishing things as time goes along. Keep checking back with us!

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