Adventure World Gates of Cleopatra Expedition: Everything you need to know

If you're still in the mood for love and romance this month, why not try out one of the new love-themed Expeditions in Adventure World? They deal with Cleopatra, so appropriately, this Expedition is called the Gates of Cleopatra. This is a lovely pink-centric map that gives you six days to finish the three quests within. Let's get started!

Stolen Hearts

  • Ask friends for 10 Garnet Hearts

  • Place 10 Garnet Hearts into Statues

  • Recover Cleopatra's Bust

Trip has apparently been struck by a love bug, so you'll need to help him break the spell and get back to normal. The Garnet Hearts come from a general news post placed on your wall. This is a fairly long map, but the first few areas are fairly open (that is, lacking in challenges), so you'll have to make it through all of this open space to find the statues at the end that need the Hearts.

By Any Other Name...

  • Collect 12 Roses from Rose Bushes

  • Place 12 Roses in Vases

The Rose Bushes are scattered around the map, but you'll often trigger mummies or other enemies by picking them. Once you've collected some roses, click on empty Vases that are also scattered around the map to fill them.

Trip's Love Bug

  • Ask friends for 10 Love Letters

  • Give Love Letters to Trip or Emily

The mailbag at the very beginning of this map provides you with a free Love Letter every 12 hours, but otherwise, you can ask your friends to send you some letters via individual requests.

When you finish this Expedition, you'll still have quite a bit of work to do to finish Cleopatra's event in Adventure World. Stick with us as we continue to bring you guides on finishing the game's Expeditions and much more!

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What do you think of this Cleopatra Expedition / event in Adventure World? Have you already finished this first Expedition in the series? Sound off in the comments.