Presidential Getaways: Live Where the Presidents Played

War and peace, economic recessions, that little red telephone --it's enough to make a commander-in-chief's head spin. But when the president isn't toiling away at 1600 Pennsylvania, ever wonder where he travels to unwind? With the help of our partners at, we tracked down five of the most eclectic properties on the market where presidents past absconded for a breather. From an ousted president's tropical refuge in San Clemente, to the pre-Camp David era fishing retreat of presidential royalty, we highlight some of the most storied (and revealing) presidential getaways on the market today. Get to know your presidents better in the gallery below.
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Presidential Getaways: Live Where the Presidents Played

Location: Hilton Head Island, S.C.

Price: $4.350 million

Sq. Ft.: 4,437

Back when Bill Clinton was a little-known governor from Arkansas, this island gem of the south was a local favorite of his, says listing agent Phil Schembra. Renaissance Weekend, an invitation-only retreat for the world's brightest innovators, was held multiple times on the quiet beachfront of Hilton Head, and this five-bedroom home was just a stone's throw from the reception.

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But it wouldn't be the last time Clinton would visit the sleepy Southern quarters. He returned to Hilton Head as president-elect, where Shembra says he could be heard practicing his inauguration speech. "I thought it would happen once," Shembra recalls of the Clintons' first visit. "But they kept coming."

The five bedroom, five bath property features contemporary decor throughout, and panoramic views of the beachfront from the pool area. Designed with poured concrete and granite, the home is likely to weather whatever the coastal climate can muster. 

Location: Coahuila, Mexico

Price: $6 million

Sq. Ft.:  6,500 (lot is 50,000)

Who would have pegged five-star general and noted sourpuss, Dwight D. Eisenhower, to be such a softy for pastoral living? This sprawling Mexican ranch, which has been in the same noted Mexican family for a century, served as a frequent stopover for Eisenhower during diplomatic trips to Mexico City, says listing agent Jack Carter. But you won't believe who else spent the night at this picturesque manor.

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Known as San Geronimo, this massive Mexican compound features brick and adobe flooring, high beamed ceilings, and nods to its gaucho-chic aesthetic throughout the home. The stately home and its rambling acreage lies between two mountain ranges, and offers its guests the utmost privacy.

Did we mention the home includes a private airplane hangar? It makes perfect sense when considering that the ranch's other famous guest was Charles Lindbergh, the renowned aviator.

A view of the dining room, where Eisenhower and a number of other high-powered guests (whose names now fill a very valuable guestbook) no doubt enjoyed full-throated discussions at dinner.

In case you're the rancher type, listing agent Jack Carter says the next homeowner has the option to purchase separately up to 1,000 head of Hereford cattle, which he estimates to be worth around $1 million.

Location: Thurmont, Md.

Price: $8.95 million

Size: 453 acres, 5 furnished residences

Three -- count 'em -- three presidents have fished trout out of the stream of this huge, wooded estate. Originally built in the 1920s, President Hoover was known to frequent the secluded grounds of Trout Run -- the original home, Hoover Cabin, is named in his honor.

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Nearby Camp David, the official retreat for every American presidents since FDR, was named in honor of President Eisenhower's grandson David. The reason? Eisenhower was also known to frequent Trout Run, which is just about four miles away from Camp David, says listing agent David Desantis.

With the exception of some new additions to the estate, many of the personal effects and furnishings of presidents past are displayed, just as they were decades earlier. "It's like walking back in time," says listing agent DeSantis.

The third president to fish the streams of Trout Run was also one of the most reclusive. Franklin Roosevelt (who went to great lengths to hide his wheelchair-dependence from the public) used to fish from a bridge on the campgrounds. The estate wasn't the most wheelchair-accessible at the time, DeSantis says, but that wouldn't deter FDR from his love of trout fishing.

Location: San Clemente, Calif.

Price: $1,999,000

Sq. Ft.:  2,600 SqFt

Judging by those famous jowls, you probably wouldn't have guessed that Nixon had a thing for sunny, Spanish-style Mediterraneans. The 2,600 square foot home is only one of 10 official city landmark residences in the city.

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The property boasts two fireplaces, two balconies, an oversize library, a wet bar, and French doors leading to the side patio.

While the disgraced world leader would eventually find solace in his "Casa Pacifica" ("The House of Peace"), also located in San Clemente, this Mediterranean stunner is where he vacationed before disappearing from public view.

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Price: $2,995,900

Sq. Ft.:  5,427

You get two guesses. This presidential pad happens to have housed the first in line, George Bush Sr., and First Lady Barbara Bush. And where else, but in the state that raised the Bush family to prominence?

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Nestled in the Olmos Basin with patios and terraces on four levels, this architectural home is as striking inside as outside. Light pours into the home through massive windows and the view from practically every room in the home is singularly Texas. 

The master bedroom opens up to its own private patio and includes an adjacent study with a fireplace.   

Another look at the breathtaking views from of the home's many patios.

You've seen where the commander-in-chief vacations, now find out where he calls home. Can you guess who lived in this musty mancave? Click our presidential homes gallery to find out.

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