Pioneer Trail Littlest Prospector Timed Goal: Everything you need to know

As part of Pioneer Trail's Gold Rush feature, you can now complete a new timed goal surrounding Little Crow and her desire to join in on the fun. She thinks she's stumbled onto some gold right here on the Homestead, but you'll need to help her figure out if she really did. You'll have 14 days to complete this goal, which must be accepted in your game by March 5.

The Littlest Prospector!

  • Craft 5 Hand Picks

  • Collect 20 Mysterious Nuggets

  • Collect 15 Gold Inspections

Handpicks are crafted using Cherrywood Handles and Handpick Edges. You can earn the Handpick Edges by asking your friends to send them to you. If you can finish all of these tasks within the 14 days given to you (that's actually a fairly long time, all things considered), you'll finish this goal and will receive 700 XP, 400 coins and a Golden Toy Boxcar item for your Homestead.

If more Gold Rush timed goals launch in Pioneer Trail, we'll make sure to let you know.

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