Empires & Allies World Domination: Everything you need to know

A large new feature has launched in Empires & Allies this week, and according to Zynga, this might be the largest update the company has ever released in the game. The feature? World Domination! From now on, you'll have a new score at the top of your gameplay screen: your Domination Score. Every player will automatically have a starting score assigned to them, based on their level. This score relates to a Domination Rank, with the highest rank available being 100. However, even the most veteran players (that is, players at around Level 75) won't have a rank of 100 - the highest rank any one person can have to start is just 50, giving you room to grow.

The rank matters when it comes to unlocking new units, with new units being locked to particular Domination Ranks. How do you raise your rank? Well, by completing World Domination battles. In the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, you'll see an option to compete in World Domination battles in a similar way to starting the Battle Blitz process. You'll see a new menu, listing players and their Domination Ranks, and can assemble your own Defense Force using units that will not be destroyed when attacked by enemies.

Opponents are automatically displayed based on your Domination Rank, so you won't face someone who is extremely stronger than you, but you also can't "exploit" the system by attacking the "little guy." There is a slight variation in ranks, and attacking someone with a higher rank and winning will offer you more Domination Points and vice versa. The catch here is that you won't know what the Defense Force of your opponent is, so you'll need to have as strong an army as possible before attacking anyone.

If a player challenges you, they'll become your Rival and you'll earn extra Dominance Points when challenging them in the future. Similar to an old system in Mafia Wars, you can also flag a user on the game's Hit List, posting an item to your wall, allowing your friends to attack that particular player for bonus points as well. Of course, you'll likely receive some revenge attacks from that player as well, so plan your moves ahead before deciding to add someone to the Hit List.

This is an incredibly in-depth new feature in Empires & Allies, but the best way to learn how to handle it is to simply play the game. Good luck raising your Dominance Rank and earning some new units for your armies!

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What do you think of this World Domination feature? Do you think another in-game score and leaderboard was really necessary? Sound off in the comments.