Why You Should Consider Temporary Work

temp workBy Nancy Mann Jackson

If you're looking for a full-time job, you may not even consider taking a temporary position. But maybe you should, because more and more companies are looking for temporary workers.

According to a recent survey by CareerBuilder and Harris Interactive, 35 percent of American companies are operating with smaller staffs than they were before the recession. To keep up with market demand, many of those companies are turning to staffing and recruiting companies and temporary workers. This year, 36 percent of companies say they will hire contract or temporary workers. That figure is up from 34 percent for 2011, 30 percent for 2010, and 28 percent for 2009.

CareerBuilder's Supply and Demand Portal shows that a variety of temporary jobs are currently in demand. For instance, staffing and recruiting companies are looking for physical and occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, administrative assistants, industrial maintenance technicians and mechanics, network engineers, Java developers, business analysts and marketing assistants.

Even if your long-term goal remains to secure a full-time position, here are three reasons to consider temporary work now:

  • Get to work soon. Rather than languishing in job-search mode for months on end, going through a staffing firm to find temporary work can lead to a contract position - and the resulting paychecks - sooner rather than later. The CareerBuilder survey shows that 27 percent of companies looking to hire temporary workers this year would like to do so within the first quarter.

  • Transition into a full-time job. According to CareerBuilder's research, 35 percent of the companies hiring temporary or contract workers this year have plans to hire them on a permanent basis. While there's no guarantee that a temporary or contract position will turn into full-time, it can give you a foothold into a company, offer a learning experience, and provide opportunities for networking and learning experiences that could lead to your next full-time position.

  • Bolster your resume. Taking on a temporary or contract position helps you avoid gaping holes in your resume. Just as important, it also may give you an opportunity to develop new, current references who can vouch for your current work ethic and skill set as you continue your search for full-time employment.

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