The Sims Social 'The French Connection' Quest: How to finish it fast

Joe Osborne
The Sims Social Paris Week
The Sims Social Paris Week

This week, The Sims Social is all about freedom of sexual expression all things French. It's Paris Week in Playfish's top Facebook game, and with that comes a new quest to tackle all week long. And you might need all the time you can spare to finish this one up, as it asks for some pretty daunting (but ultimately hilarious) tasks.

Titled "The French Connection," this quest calls for three friends, a Computer, a Typewriter, a Le Café Grande Patisserie five Muse, 15 Love, 1,150 Simoleons and 1,500 Social Points. Now, take a seat and prepare for a randy old time in all seven chapters of The Sims Social's "The French Connection."

The French Connection Part 1

  • Have French Bookcase

  • Learn Sim French

  • Speak Sim French to 1 Sim

The French Bookcase is available in the shop for 850 Simoleons. To learn Sim French, you must click the French Bookcase and then "Learn French." Finally, just visit a Sim, click on them, and choose either "Ooh lala" or "Je t'aime." However, you must be in flirting stages with a Sim in order for the option to appear.

The Sims Social French Bookcase
The Sims Social French Bookcase

The French Connection Part 2

  • Ask Friends if They Know What Woohoo is

  • Ask 2 Sims if They Like to WooHoo

  • Have 5 Muse

This first requirement is simply posting a News Feed and having a friend click on it. The second requires players to visit two Sims, click on them and choose the "Like to Woohoo" option. Finally, Muse comes from leveling up either Art Skill or Music Skill.

The French Connection Part 3

  • Ask 3 Sims about Naughty Friends

  • Look up Naughty Friends 7 Times

  • Have 7 Cold Showers

To ask friends about naughty friends, simply visit three of them, click on them and then choose "Naughty Friends?" You can use your own Computer or a friend's to complete this second requirement. Lastly, simply click on your or friends' showers and choose the "Take Cold Shower" option.

The Sims Social Le Café Grande Patisserie
The Sims Social Manaquin
The Sims Social Coffee Machine
The Sims Social Bell

The French Connection Part 4

  • Try Baking Petit Fours 7 times

  • Try Writing Poetry 7 times

  • Try Making Sweet Music 7 times

The Le Café Grande Patisserie is free in the shop, so buy it, place it and choose the action "Prepare Petite fours" seven times. However, your Sim will grow bored after two attempts in a row, so cycle this between the other two requirements. To "Write Poetry," you can use friends' Typewriters and choose the relevant option seven times. The same applies to the final requirement, just look for a Harp in Bella's house or your friends' and choose "Make Sweet Music."

The French Connection Part 5

  • Have 1 French Neckerchief

  • Have 3 Different Paris Furniture items

  • Have 15 Love

The Rayure Marine Neckerchief costs 1,500 Social Points in the Clothes shop. The cheapest item from the French collection is the Le Café Wall Menu, and since you already have a French Bookcase and a Le Café Grande Patisserie, this is finished. Love comes from performing flirty interactions with your friends.

The Sims Social Andre & Andre Dummy
The Sims Social Andre & Andre Dummy

The French Connection Part 6

  • Massage 3 Sims

  • Practice French Kiss with 3 Sims

  • Ask 2 Friends "Voulez Vous Woohoo avec Moi?"

First, visit three friends, click on their sofas and choose the "Massage" option. To French Kiss with three Sims, just visit them, click on them and choose the relevant option. However, you must perform flirty actions with Sims in order for this option to appear. Finally, two friends must click on the "Voulez Vous Woohoo avec Moi?" News Feed you post through the quest window.

The French Connection Part 7

  • Wearing Neckerchief Ask 3 Sims "Voulez Vous WooHoo avec Moi?"

  • Woohoo with 2 different Sims

  • Tell the World

While you're wearing the Rayure Marine Neckerchief, just visit three Sims, click on them and choose the relevant option. However, you must perform flirty interactions with Sims in order for the option to appear. Doing so will eventually bring up the option to make that friend a "Naughty Friend," which allows you to Woohoo with that Sim without being romantically involved. To Woohoo with a Sim, either visit or invite them over, click the bed and then "Woohoo". Finally, post a News Feed through the quest window and have three friends click it. Your reward for completing this daunting quest is the Pistachio Paris Double Bed. Ooh, la la.

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