Uncover Popeye, The Lockhorns' ugly mugs in Picturiffic on Facebook


It's kind of like Wheel of Fortune, but it's also kind of like Hangman. We're talking about Picturiffic on Facebook, Large Animal Games and iWin's newest Facebook game. The former has announced a partnership with King Features Syndicate, the entertainment company behind comic strip favorites like Popeye, The Lockhorns and more.

In fact, those comic strips are exactly the reason for this partnership. Picturiffic has players correctly choose letters from a large block to fill in the spaces in the given phrase. Each letter chosen is removed from the block to reveal more and more of the image behind it, which serves as a clue to solve the rest of the puzzle. As surely you're aware, comic strips are a combination of images and text. On paper, it sounds like the perfect pairing for Picturiffic, and the hope is that its 170,000 monthly players agree.

Popeye is first up in King Features' properties to get the Picturiffic treatment, which simply takes the text within a comic and turns that into the puzzle phrase, leaving the image as a clue. Oddly enough, this branded content will be premium, meaning that players will have to pay up in Facebook Credits for access. While Large Animal will offer a few puzzles featuring Popeye and other King Features favorites for free, the lot of them will cost you.

At any rate, Picturiffic is one slick-looking, smooth-playing Facebook game that you should give a go, Popeye or not. Check out our full preview right here.

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[Image Credit: King Features]

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