Pioneer Trail Debris Generator: Everything you need to know

Last month, we learned that a "Debris Spawner" would be coming to Pioneer Trail. Now that it has officially launched in the game, this item is called the Debris Generator, and it will allow you to earn rocks, skulls, cacti, thorns and wildflowers after it's built and upgraded.

There are two goals in this Debris Generator feature:

Get Debris!

  • Sell 30 Adult Cows

  • Clear 10 Rocks

  • Complete Debris Generator to Skulls Level

There are five different levels to the Debris Generator, and each level allows you to earn one of a particular item (or groups of item) everyday. The first level is Wildflower only, allowing you to earn one free Wildflower everyday. Level two offers a Rock and Wildflower everyday, while level three offers a Skull and another random debris everyday. This means you'll need to collect enough items (mostly by asking your friends to send them to you) to reach level 3 of the Debris Generator just to finish this particular goal. You'll receive 50 XP, 500 coins and a Honey Badger for finishing it off.

Even More Debris

  • Clear 15 Cacti

  • Clear 15 Thorns

  • Complete Debris Generator to Thorns Level

The Thorns Level is the final level of the Debris Generator, allowing you to earn one thorn, cactus, skull and another random debris daily. As you might expect, every level of the Debris Generator requires more and more items to upgrade, so this won't be a quick process (unless you spend Horseshoes). When you finish this second (and final) Debris Generator goal, you'll receive 100 XP, 1,000 coins and a Holstein Cow.

[Via Zynga]

What do you think of this Debris Generator feature? Will you use it to earn debris everyday, or only when you need it? Sound off in the comments.